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Inspired by Fiber and Hardware


CartamebII is the home of natural fibers, plant based dyes, and lead-free handmade accessories. The eco-friendly and luxury brand launched in Los Angeles in 2017 by Founder and Designer Tamara Lipscomb.  The Cartameb II brand is junior to Tamara’s mother’s once owned antique boutique, also named Cartameb in the mid 90’s. The word “car-ta-meb” is a blend of her first name, her mother’s name, and father’s combined. The brand holds space for eco fashion and lifestyle market for ethically-minded consumers.


In addition, the designer's career in fashion design and studies in landscape architecture have allowed her to uniquely approach and repurpose materials for the accessory line. Often, minimizing the use of heavy metals, while maximizing fiber structures. This is achieved by reducing the use of hardware as the base of the accessory —and instead, implementing durable and sustainable fibers in its place. This is beneficial to anyone who may experience metal sensitivity. Cartameb II has successfully reassigned the use of hardware from a dominant base to a clever accentual binding.


Many of the brand’s ideas are inspired by nature, both environmental and humanistic, as well as her mother’s design’s eye.



To honor these fundamental aspects, Cartameb II designs, produces and sources materials responsibly. Specifically, with the strict use of plant dyes. Choosing only to use a special dip process when dying all fibers. This technique supports the global mission on water conservation.


As a Cartameb II supporter, you’ll find many of the line’s designs to be subtle, yet balanced with a bold elective edge. The multi-functional aspect keeps the pieces fun and fresh, much like the Cartameb II’s woman or man. It’s mindful details like these that provide Cartameb II and its consumers with an eco-sound uniqueness in the green market space.